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Ryan Armbrustmacher worked in advertising for TV stations for 9 years and noticed some common themes and needs for his clients.

First, every business has a story and loves to share it. Typically, it starts with a passion and a dream to make a difference.  But 30-second TV spots were not enough to tell that story.

Second, while most businesses knew marketing was essential, it was overwhelming to manage it all with so many different options. 

It was the combination of those things that drove Ryan to start a venture that would fulfill those needs of business owners.

Impact Media Solutions specializes in helping businesses share their authentic side thru whatever avenue makes the most sense to them. Impact Media Solutions can help with the following:

                              -Lifestyle TV segments

                         -Video Production

                         -Podcast Production

                         -Google Listing Management

                         -Social Media Management

                         -TV/Streaming Ad Campaigns

                         -Anything else marketing related you need!

People are watching more video than ever. Let us help you create it. Let us help you strategically place it to reach the right audience. 

Who wants to tell their story next?

Your story is our business!

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